In this course you will be learning some ‘hands on’ learning strategies to implement in your classroom, as well as cooperative classroom management tools. You will determine the difference between ‘group work’ and ‘Kagan cooperative learning’. Besides, you will explore how Kagan cooperative learning can be used as a tool to complement the IB curriculum, CBI and embedding formative assessment.

Join us for an empowering journey led by the esteemed certified Kagan instructor, Liana Bom.

In this course, spanning three dynamic in-person sessions, participants will delve into ‘hands-on’ learning strategies and effective cooperative classroom management tools. Liane will expertly guide you in distinguishing between ‘group work’ and ‘Kagan cooperative learning,’ empowering you to optimize the latter’s potential. Moreover, we’ll explore how Kagan cooperative learning seamlessly integrates with the IB curriculum, CBI, and the art of embedding formative assessment.

Between these engaging in-person sessions, our online support ensures a continuous and enriching learning experience. As a bonus, participants will receive a complimentary minibook packed with invaluable Kagan strategies. Let’s collaborate, learn, and enhance education together!

Dates: Launch session takes place on 4 October 2023. Additional dates and duration to be arranged with participants.

Cost: Offered free and exclusively to ISH Staff members.

PD Hours: Kagan Cooperative Learning encompasses 9 professional development hours.

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