Whether you are an experienced teacher with lots of strategies in your back pocket, or new to your career and eager to find out about how to organise an effective learning environment, hopefully you’ll get a few ideas from this course.

Each week will have a theme, in which a few strategies will be shared (along with a bit of theory, because, y’know, this is professional development after all!). You will then be given a couple of weeks to test out a strategy (or maybe more) and then come back together to see how you’ve gotten on.

In this course, spanning three dynamic in-person sessions, participants will delve into ‘hands-on’ learning strategies and effective cooperative classroom management tools. Liane will expertly guide you in distinguishing between ‘group work’ and ‘Kagan cooperative learning,’ empowering you to optimize the latter’s potential. Moreover, we’ll explore how Kagan cooperative learning seamlessly integrates with the IB curriculum, CBI, and the art of embedding formative assessment.