There are lots of great ways to use Google Workspace in your teaching and learning to help your colleagues and students to collaborate, create and share. If you would like to grow your skills in a fun, interactive online environment with other international school educators please register to join us for this twelve-week, online course.

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of artificial intelligence! In our online course "AI Adventure," you'll explore the cutting-edge technology that is shaping the future of education. From language models to recommendation algorithms, you'll learn how AI is being used to support and enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. With hands-on exercises, interactive lessons, and expert guidance, you'll gain a deep understanding of AI and how it can be harnessed for educational success. Join us for this thrilling journey and discover the endless possibilities of AI in education!

Whether you are an experienced teacher with lots of strategies in your back pocket, or new to your career and eager to find out about how to organise an effective learning environment, hopefully you’ll get a few ideas from this course.

Each week will have a theme, in which a few strategies will be shared (along with a bit of theory, because, y’know, this is professional development after all!). You will then be given a couple of weeks to test out a strategy (or maybe more) and then come back together to see how you’ve gotten on.

This course has been created to help teachers expand their subject assessment options. Traditionally, the essay has been the go-to medium for assessment. However, subject areas and subject boards are looking for other ways to empower their students to make choices about how they respond to an assessment or display their learning.

The course will consist of the following sections

1. What is an assessment by multimedia?

2. The Advantages of multimedia as an assessment tool

3. Using multimedia as an assessment in your subjects

4. Tips and Tools for students to use multimedia for an assessment