We are thrilled to present ISH Academy, a culmination of our dedication to advancing your professional growth and enriching your educational journey.

As a part of the International School of The Hague community, you are at the heart of what we do, and we are excited to embark on this educational venture together.

At ISH Academy, we stand committed to empowering educators like you by providing a diverse range of high-quality courses tailored to suit your needs and preferences. ISH Academy offers three pathways for learning: asynchronous, online courses for flexible learning; hybrid options combining in-person and online support; and slowPD, which is our own design for self-paced learning over an extended period of time .


We are open-minded critical thinkers who learn through inquiry, reflection and engaging with different perspectives.
We learn about ourselves and the world around us through service and experiential learning.
We are independent and interdependent life-long learners.


We take pride in the strength of our community and the diversity within it.
We value our individual identities and celebrate cultural diversity.
We connect with local and global communities through our learning.


We develop self-respect and show compassion to others.
We take responsibility for our actions and strive to have a positive impact.
We show courage and act with integrity, fairness and respect.

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