Effective Classroom Management

ISH Academy is pleased to present our upcoming course, Effective Classroom Management, tailored exclusively for you as an eight-week, asynchronous learning experience. Hosted by our Deputy Head of Teaching and Learning, Nick Bruce, this course is designed to blend theoretical insights with practical applications. Throughout the journey, you’ll engage in lively discussions, partake in online… Continue reading Effective Classroom Management

Kagan Cooperative Learning

Join us for an empowering journey led by the esteemed certified Kagan instructor, Liane Bom. In this course, spanning three dynamic in-person sessions, participants will delve into ‘hands-on’ learning strategies and effective cooperative classroom management tools. Liane will expertly guide you in distinguishing between ‘group work’ and ‘Kagan cooperative learning,’ empowering you to optimize the… Continue reading Kagan Cooperative Learning

Pilot Course Launch

We are excited to announce that ISH Academy is piloting its first ever course, an exciting journey called “AI Adventure: Exploring the Possibilities for Education.” The course kicks off with a launch event here on the ISH campus next week and will take our teachers on a four-week excursion into the amazing world of AI.

AI Speed Date

The purpose of this activity is to explore the possibilities and potential of artificial intelligence in the classroom and its impact on education. During the “speed date,” you will have the opportunity to engage in a virtual conversation with an AI chatbot and share your thoughts and ideas about the topic.

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